Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Email Communication - ways to avoid frustration

Have you been frustrated with people you have sent email requests to ... not answering your questions and especially, ALL of the questions that you ask.

Maybe there are a few tricks that you might use to... SET UP... your email requests to be answered in a more complete and effective manner?

Perhaps there are some additional tricks that you can do ... to be a better answerer yourself ... to email questions that you have received from others?

Here are some of my thoughts. No priority just as I thought of them. I will come back in a few days and add more and re arrange the order perhaps.

1. Read emails multiple times a day like clockwork.

2. Read emails the first thing in the morning and last thing at night

3. Answer emails as fast as possible with short consise, simple language but complete thoughts

4. If replying to an email, ALWAYS change the SUBJECT of the email to match the topic you are discussing in your email response. It's OK to leave the senders topic as written; but may, be add some additional info at the beginning of the subject line.. maybe even use a dash - RE: original subject

If creating a new email, make the SUBJECT line clear, and match the topic without being too wordy.

5. If sending a new email, make the Subject short clear and informational.

6. Never - REPEAT NEVER, if at all possible (he he he) cover multiple topics in the same email unless it is a friendly hello chat. This allows the receiver to forward and save the message the best way they need to. It also allows the sender to save and followup later.

7. Almost always send yourself a copy of the email or set up a separate email account and send a copy of all emails to this LOG account. This allows you to make sure the email was sent properly and to be able to get a copy if your computer malfunctions.

8. Create a FORMAT for your SUBJECT LINE and your email bodies to make them easier to compose especially if they are repeated types of email.

9. DO AS I SAY.... not as I do ( he he he he) all things in life are easy to say and hard to do.

As always, your comments, reactions, suggestions to make my BLOG entry better? are encouraged and welcomed.

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Qfroman said...

I've noticed that opening an inner-company business e-mail with the action that needs to be taken leads to more efficient action on what needs to be done. When I receive e-mails in this format it always puts my in a mood of action as I read the story of the action, which follows the action to be taken in the e-mail.

Does that make sense?