Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Federal Express - Experiencing a mid life crisis

If you haven't chatted with a Federal Express Customer Service Representative recently, ignore this POST. If you have, I would love to hear your story.

Sugar dripping friendly with their opening line - I am Sorry to hear about....

I am sooooooooo tired of hearing the word SORRY - because if they were truly sorry, they would find a way to improve their service that appears to be slipping as fast as their cost of shipping increases.

And heaven help you if you ship Internationally and have to speak with a USA based International Represenative.

Dummber than a door knob - about other countries and our cultures.

Somwhat like the famous You Tube video that has been around for a year or two

The NEW Fed Ex website is simply awaful as well. And the newer FLASH version is even worse yet. Thank goodness they give you a way to roll back from the FLASH version to the Older less awful but still unfriendly version.

Also anyone notice that package scans not showing up and packages going for long periods like maybe even a day without moving then only to show its delivered. It happening all the time to me these days.

Pretty much 7 out of 10 packages is experienceing some sort of issues.

This week two can't deliver exceptions in Europe - with perfectly good addresses. Perhaps the workforce is overworked? Don't know.

And the final straw that lead to this POST was in the Country of Latvia (yes their USA Reps don't have a clue where Latvia is located)

My Latavian language speaking wife telephoned the local FED EX office to schedule a pickup. She specifically ask them to bring a FED EX Large Box and quantity five (5) weighbill forms.

The driver showed up without anything. No forms at all. He said in English, they told him we had a box and a form.

For some reason, here in Latvia they treat the weighbill forms like GOLD leaf. They will give you one and only one for each shipment and then only when they show up for the shipment.

So you have to write quickly increasing the chance of making a mistake - leading to a future delivery exception - as the driver stands looking angry because they don't want to be at you office in the first place.

So much for the state of small package industry - oh did I mention, DHL is much worse and UPS well I stopped using them a very long time ago.

So we will stick to FED EX for now unless they lose another package for 7 days like they did late last year in Copenhagen airport.


Update Tuesday, 16:22 PM CET Riga, Latvia
P.S. Sent email to the President of Federal Express this morning about 10 AM. By noon I had received a telephone call from a FED EX manager ready to listen and assist. Impressive response. DHL or the other providers couldn't even come close to this response time. Now the ball is in my court to give him some specifics. Lets see what whey will do.

Update Wednesday, 09 April 2008
Compiled issues and sent three (3) emails to FED EX representative that has appeared in my life after my email to the FED EX President. He acknowledged my emails and told me he forwarded the various issues (invoice problems, delayed shipments, not deliverable addresses that are actuall quite ok - problems with deliveries to Ireland as they have no Postal Codes) to responsible persons. Told me he would personally keep on top of the issues.

Update Thursday 10 April 2008, about 03:00 CET - about 5PM 09 April in California
Checked status of my package stuck in the Memphis HUB to find its still there. Sent email asking for help from my new FEDEX friend.

Update Thursday 10 April 2008, 00:30 PDT
Wrote new BLOG POST about my experience with outsourced FEDEX call call centers not speaking understandable English yesterday.

Update Thursday 10 April 2008, about 09:30 CET, Riga Latvia
I received a call from the FED EX Manager for Baltic countries. We had almost a 45 minute constructive call. Several serious issues were discussed and he promised me help with problems in Latvia. He has also sent me an email with his and local contact nemes and phone numbers. I was impressed.


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