Thursday, April 10, 2008

FEDEX's Silence is Deafening - Fed Ex Customer Service Failure

Federal Express Service Failure - FEDEX's Silence is Deafening

Its now been seven days since we dropped off a small 3 pound package at one of Federal Express' points around San Jose, California on Thursday 3 April 2008.

The package headed for Puerto Rico should have been an easy one for FEDEX.

We also dropped off I believe two other packages at the same time and one of those was also going to Puerto Rico - It was delivered - on 8 April.

There was no scan of the missing package showing on their system; but, there was a scan that the package arrived in the Memphis FEDEX HUB at 2:55 PM on 4 April. Its sister package was scanned on drop-off at 4:08 PM and arrived at the same time in Memphis.

So what do you say, a package is not scanned. Maybe some one missed it, maybe the scanner did not read it. No BIG DEAL perhaps.

The big deal is: that its now been 3 days and FED EX isn't talking. We call the 1-800 number and the agent says SORRY BUT.

Not the people are investigating and have NOT updated the system so I (FEDEX Agent) can not give you any better information.

Again you might say so what just an isolated FED EX System failure. There must be a few of these failures in Federal Express' history of success stories.

That would be true except there have been a statistical run of FED EX system failures with my shipments and invoices this month.

The Silence of FED EX Customer Service staff to simply tell me what is going on is deafening and tell a story loud and clear.

Putting all this together, I am assuming that FEDEX is experiencing some growing or at least operational pains at a time when it should be humming along trying to save money and make up for the increasedfuel costs.

No you say call the competition. Not so fast, neither DHL or UPS can do any better and maybe experience shows perhaps even worse.

The real test will be to see if FED EX will start to communicate and tell really tell what has happened.
UPDATE 01:05 PM PDT, 11 April 2008
Fed Ex's customer service lady told me by phone this morning (07:15 PDT) that my package was in Memthis and delayed due to weather.
I first ask her how bad was the weather?
Than I asked what day did the package arrive? she replied 4 April.
I then asked what day is it today? she replied 11 April.
Weather, must be rotten!
The rotten is the something else I believe ?
This was the last straw, all of FED EX's SORRIES don't cut it any more. They have proven they don't care about me as a customer.
Oh by the way. a lady somewhere in the FED EX team finally took interest in my package this mid day. She was able to find in in just a few minutes in their lost and found department.
Again the SORRIES started flowed like water over the falls.
But these Sorries are falling on my deaf ears now.
What is the UPS phone number?


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are not alone. I have had a ton of problems with FedEx's customer service too!

Their listing on has links to a ton of articles about how bad their customer service is.

Calvary said...

What part of deliver by 10:30 am do they not understand and what is this stuff about not reimbursement due to incliment weather! I am tired of dealing with them!

Anonymous said...

also FED UP with FED EX!