Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Has Fed Ex Out-sourced Telephone support to Central & South America ?

As many insurance and other large companies in the USA have out-sourced their customer service telephone call centers to India, It appears that FED EX - Federal Express has outsourced theirs to Central and South America.

My personal experience with the India based call centers is that the level of English language skills is quite good with excellent pronunciation.

Not so with my FED EX experience yesterday.

The first call I ask to speak with a USA domestic representative and I got routed to Brazil (I believe). The male voice on the other end of the long phone line was not understandable at all. I asked where he was located and I believe he said San Paulo - but not 100% SURE.

So, I hung up and re-dialed and ask for an International representative. This call was rerouted to Central America. Again a male voice and again a very thick accent; but, this person was somewhat understandable and with FEDEX trademarked dripping lips sweet polite (which I don't like at all) - its so phoney!

He checked some things on my delayed shipment stuck in the Memphis HUB; sent Memphis an urgent message and told me I would receive a call in a few hours by phone. He double checked my phone number.

No phone call was received and its been 25 hours just about.

So much for FEDEX's telephone support.

Yes, my package is still shown last scan received in Memphis?

Has anyone experience with FED EX Customer Support they would like to share?


Update 10 April 2008, 10:00 CET Riga Latvia
Placed another call to the USAQ 1+800 number and was routed to a call center in Central America. The voice was barely understandable. He told me no news on my stuck package and he said he could do no more to help me. That bothered me and I insisted that he send another message to Memphis. He said he would.

Update 10 April 07:35 PDT Riga Latvia
Still no call from FED EX USA about shipment in Memphis HUB.

I did receive a followup call from my new FEDEX friend located in Sweeden who is assisting me to resolve my issues.

As I told him on the phone just a couple of minutes ago. The fact that we are having this call is exciting. DHL's management refused to provide any level of support when I had serious problems with their service in Europe last year.


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