Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cuil problems - Ok no communication - bring on the "trite" terms

Cuil's launch this week with its set of problems is being well POSTed by the world's high tech ambulance chasers and then some just like me looking how to keep from becoming too stressed.

SO, yes, I have had my chuckle and made my angry POST about copyright issues and now looking for a little fun at their expense - and perhaps a few play on words, too.

But first, more seriously, these folks have a major issue at their hands and that is a shame. It does however, point out Mr. Murphy's Law still applies.

Now, the big question is ? ? ?

How will Cuil's team handle this issue or will their "silence be deafing" like many other failures before them?

Public Relations so called PR experts have been quick to jump on the bandwagon and make all kinds of comments; but no real suggestion other than Cuil's team needs to start communicating. Many people facing much more serious issues have found that a quick and effective communication strategy lessened the fallout and hangover from the initial problem.

Ah ha - here is one suggestion on how to avoid egg on your face.

But in keeping with the theme of our BLOG, whay do we always seem to make life so complex and worrysome?

Cuil's technical problems are just that. A technical problem. No blood is flowing and no human being is being run over as yet we know.

So to use another slang trite expression " chill out" or maybe it should be "Cuil Out" in this case.

Maybe one teams problems can be anothers opportunity.

Bring on - the Tee Shirt vendors with CUIL Out on the front or back ?

Or perhaps it should be simply CUIL or that infamous red circle and a slash around the word Cuil.

Whatever, lets cheer on the underdog Cuil Team and hope their next game will be a winner.

I especially liked the BLOG summary from the New York Times that presented some clich├ęs quotes from Bull Durham by way of

Has anyone seem the Resume Doctor stalking the rear entrance door at Cuil's headquarters yet? Perhaps he can find a way to wipe this time off their CV's with some clever wording or just some good ol White Out.

Next there is the conspiracy theory that this Cuil exercise is simply a ploy to get a lot of publicity and then sell themselves for a whole lot of money to Microsoft.

Who really know what is happening inside Cuil's offices. Based on what has transpired so far, perhaps we shall never know for sure and the Cuil experience will slowly go down the drain of other Silicon Valley start ups. I feel a little bad for the water quality of San Francisco bay however.

I just read a BLOG post that quoted one Cuil team member as these are normal startup issues - to be expected.

My response to that is: HOGWASH !

But maybe we should call in the famous Myth Busters to figure it if Cuil is real or just another myth and present it to us on Discovery Channel.

I believe thay also reside somewhere close to Cuil's headquarters. Does ayone have Adam or Jamie's phone number?


To sum it all, this Reply to another POST I read this week on TechNewsWorld Site says it like it should be!
I came, I saw, I tried, I left!!

That's all folks !


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