Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Serious problem with how displays images and links

Searching my interests using the new Cuil Search Engine have lead me quickly to a major copyright concern about how my photos, logos and images are being displayed next to my competitor's search result. (see example right)

To make it worse, when you click on my company's logo, the link is to my competitor!

For a live example, click here to search using the new Cuil site for terms "riga latvia visitor information"
In addition, many of my company's images are showing up on these search result pages. Some are posted next to my website results and at other times next to someone elses results.
To make it even worse and rub salt in the wound, it is linking my company to a STAG party advertisement. This is a topic our company has been directly and verbably agressive against advertising for our city.
In my opinion .... its NOT COOL - Cuil ! ---

But Googles' recent release of their new KNOL site has not been much better and Google's lack of response to the problems has been quite unacceptable.


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