Friday, October 10, 2008

Customer Service - American Style - too much show and no class

Americans, often times have a very narrow view of the world and it's complex issues.

Americans would be quite surprised to find that many people from other countries and cultures believe strongly that American's methods of customer service are overdone and phony.

Many foreigners who have not had an opportunity to experience American culture and some that have - believe that Americans push and shove others around and are far too much in their face - so to speak.

... believe it or not, that's what many others think...

take a look at this funny - but so too real video skit ....

and see if you can see some of what this Rooster is writing about.

Look how much the interviewer is focusing on the how to of the survey form rather than trying to learn and understand what the interviewer was saying.

A lot of real useful information is lost many times.

Be sure that you spend more time learning the theory than you do on the mechanics and methods and your customer service improvement programs may achieve better results.

More about how Americans need to be more worldly wise (watch video clip).


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