Saturday, November 15, 2008

Workplace Tragidity something we need to consider carefully

It is with great hesitation that I post this at this time. But after very careful thought, I believe I should go ahead and make the post.

The "Master Reset Button" is being pushed on our World As we knew it and that will create I am sure more of the very sad events like what occured in Santa Clara, California, this past Friday, 14 November 2008.

The newspaper headlines reads:
Suspected gunman arrested in 3 deaths at Santa Clara chip startup

Apparently a small company terminated the employment of an employee and a few hours later the employee came back to the work office and killed three of the senior managers of the company.

A very sad day for the company, the employees families; associates and the other employees at the company.

The world has changed and we need to be aware of what is happening and change how we approach our lives, our jobs and our relationships.

Life is way too short and special for this type of tragidity to occur. We must - all of us - look deeply inside of us and look for ways to change our way of life and avoid at all costs a repeat of this tragidity.

I am sure that it will happen again and again somewhere in the world. But we need to do everything in our power to try and prevent it from happening.

In the meantime, take stock of your personal mental condition and seek help if you feel you need it.

Reach out to others if you can and be a shoulder for others in need to talk to.

But, be careful and not allow yourself to be in a position as these unfortunate people were in Santa Clara, California, this past Friday afternoon.

It should not have happened; it may have been preventable - who knows - but it did happen.

All we can do now is to take action to reach out and try to avoid future situations that lead to this type of unfortunate event.

Again my deepest of sympathies to all that were affected in this Santa Clara situation.

There was one post that I read on the Internet website that I felt summed up how I personally feel about there the world has come. That is whay I "checked out" of the Silicon Valley rat race in 1999.

Now I realize, why I did, and why I can never return to that way of life again.

Mike Johnson, an American living in Europe, with a new lifestyle

Please take a moment and read this ladies comment:
A very sad but true comment from a posting

My Husband was CEO of a rather well known SV co. We had our multi million dollar home and lifestyle, a fat portfolio and life was great. Five years ago the company was bought out, but part of the negotiations was extending my husband's contract 5 years. Our lifestyle remained the same. However I watched my husband get more stressed as each year passed. We never discussed it. Late August he came home and told me he had to let go 3/4 of the made the news. He was heartbroken as it was a close knit group he considered them alll family. Then he was told AFTER he did this company's dirty work that his services were no longer needed when his contract expired Oct 31st. He still reported to work each day even though he did absolutely nothing for 2 months. The writing was on the wall....Karma? No the fat days were just over. He has no job, he's 58, all the toys, house everything is gone, the portfolio worth nothing. It occurred to me hearing this last night how lucky I am that at least we still have each other. It is not just the blue collar people. It is the way this world works now. GREED & POWER, we are ALL guilty of wanting it all. I do not care what country we are from what color are skin is. This whole planet needs a wake up call, but that will never ever happen. What happened yesterday is a sad commentary of what we have all become, puppets. ...


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