Thursday, February 11, 2010

People Helping People - Make it your way of Living

People Helping People ... is whats wrong with the world's citizens these days.

It's just not happening ... people helping people anymore, that is... as people are spending all their time worrying about themselves.

OK, maybe in today's world people are just finding it difficult to put food on the table; keep the family healthy; and educate the children. But, I really believe if we could get back to our grandmother's days... when neighbors baked cookies and brought over hot meals when the neighbor was sick in bed we would find a lot more success stories in our lives.

I really don't believe I am over simplifying the issue. There are really a class of people out there that do try to be helpful to others.

Of course there are exceptions in every environment of both extremes; but, I am talking about the masses.

One such class of people are the past employees of Hewlett-Packard Company. The HP Way as it is called

My HP employee number was in the 14 thousands but my managers and some of my long time HP friends had employee numbers in the hundreds.

Back in 1976 when I joined HP, I remember clearly a conversation I had with my boss named Bill (no, not Bill Hewlett, but I knew him too), about the lack of procedure manuals. I had just come from a few year experience with the Bechtel corporation which had a procedure for everything almost. I said to my new HP boss.... I worry about re-inventing the wheel... where are the procedure manuals here at HP.

Bill said to me... there is the telephone, if you want to know something, call someone in the HP world and ask. Build that person to person relationship and don't worry about re-inventing the wheel - maybe you will re-invent it better!

He went on to say, get out of your chair (in your wall-less office) and go to the various HP sites (around the world - managing by wandering around) and see how we do things at HP and build those personal relationships. Fortunate to be at HP in these times, I visited sites from Bristol England to Malaysia and all across the USA.

Everywhere I went, I found it to be the same... People Helping People!

Yesterday, I received a voice mail from a man named John in Andover Massachusetts inquiring about my Red Bead Experiment product. Being located in Europe, I waited for morning In the USA and called the number. A really nice lady andswered the phone and when I inquired about the call the night before, she answered, yes my husband John called, because he wants to purchase your game (she was knowledgeable too).

I found her voice to be pleasant, she was polite and helpful and gave me her husbands's office number to call and even said call right away as he is in his office before an upcoming meeting. So I called immediately and John answered the phone and after I introduced my self he thanked me for the prompt return call.

He went on to ask me how I got involved in the Deming Red Bead experiment - he was actually interested in me as a person - a nice surprise I thought to myself. When I replied oh, I was at HP in 1982 when Dr. Deming was there, he replied I too was at HP in previous years.

Then it hit me! This was like the HP I spent almost 19 wonderful years at.

Nice people desiring to be polite, and helpful to each other. Wanting to care and wanting to be involved; not just, a quick how much for your product and how fast can you ship it to me.

Right away, I felt good - and my desire to to provide customer delight was at the top end of the scale.

It does work and I does not have to be only at Hewlett-Packard Company. It can be anywhere in the world (HP proved that to be true) and it can be at your company and organization. All you have to do is want it to be that way and practice being helpful to others - like the Golden Rule - do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.

There are more examples other than John; like Betty and Vern, with their low HP employee numbers less than the hundreds who are still working with me today to develop Packaged Training programs to teach others about collaborative work. And like a lady named Pat in California whom I watched and mentored from an entry level position to obtain her college dipolma. And there was Dot, who brought me flowers the day she got her promotion to be an executive assistant to an HP Vice President because I had given her one of those tough performance reviews (HP was famous for) a couple of years earlier.

This trip down memory lane is bringing a tear to my eye as I sit and give thanks to my first HP boss Bill, who taught me the core value of People Helping People.

Give it a try and stop worrying about your mean old boss - take charge of your life and do what you know in your heart you need to do. Just do it and start today!

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Bro. Will McLaurin said...

I couldn't agree more. We need to realize we are more than an extension of the computer or what ever machine we are standing behind. When we are and extension of a machine production and results are the out come.

When we start to related one to one, the predjudices start to unravel and we become interest in the human beings around us. Thus we realize what that commandment do unto others really means.

Helping people to have a fuller life is what this world is all about. Learning to forgive and forget, thus building rich enduring relationship that are productive both on the job and in ones personal life.

Encourage all to aim for this endeavour.