Monday, January 25, 2010

Web Presence - You & Your Business Deserve to Have It

So, you just registered your domain name and spent a few hundred on a website design. It has been up and operating for a few months and your customers say, it took me hours if not days or more to find your services.

What you say, when I go to Google and type in my Internet domain name it comes up on page one. I don't understand why my customers say it was so hard to find my site.

I wonder how many customers are NOT finding the sites that they are searching for?

Give me an example you say....

... ok, take a company called QAV Realty Services, They are a minority and women owned business providing commercial real estate services and they are looking for clients that are looking for MWBE (Minority Women owned business enterprise) the code word in the business.

give it a try - take a look --- search for qav realty services

OK, its found - in the top five listings, no big surprise here...

now try and search for: mwbe realty services

well is no where to be found on page 1 or page 2.

But their competitor --- --- is on page 2

But go back to page 1 and take another look....

NewsRoom QAV Realty Services MWBE - WMBE - M/WBE Commercial Real ...

and ...

Find out - Who is Where - Doing What and Why ... QAV Realty

is at the top of page 1 !!!

They are found but NOT as a result of the web presence of their own website.

They are found due to the extra services provided by:
Michael Arthur Johnson Company < -- click for more information

This is what site web presence is all about.

Finding clever ways to add notable content to support the base content on their main page.

Read what BBC News has to say on the subject --

and the latest news about Bill Gates and his effort to create a blog...


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