Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meaningless Percentages -- Here we go again more news reporting based on percentages (%)

Here we go again.... more news reporting based on percentages (%)
Give me a break.... a 5% change based on a small number is a "small number" and meaningless.
So can we as educated people continue to write such meanless reports?

message to the Editorial Staff at RTT News.
message to:
With regards to two of your recent NEW reports about Latvia, you have chosen to use percentage numbers to make your point - and a HEADLINE announcing a conclusion.
I am suggesting that better reporting might be to do some historical research and determine the natural statistical "fluctuation" of the numbers with Three Sigma Control limits.
Then take your actual numbers for the reporting period and put them into context to the natural swing of the process being discussed.
This is true especially for a tiny country like Latvia where the base numbers are small to begin with.
If you take a 0.4% change in a tiny number you have another tiny number which may or may not be meaningless as compared to the natural wandering of the subject being discussed.
Just a suggestion to "PUT some MEANING" into your news reports.

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