Wednesday, January 29, 2014

STATE OF THE USA UNION 2014 - no big deal in my personal opinion

For the first time in my life, I did NOT get "teary-eyed" and patriotic during the State of the Union speech last night. I am finding myself "afraid of what the USA government has become" and what it stands for. The night time raids and killings under the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOP) and the activities of the NSA are both unacceptable under my personal beliefs.
I am personally actually getting "scared" of the activities of the USA Government and the potential limitations to my civil liberties. I really don't care much about keeping my identity and communications confidential as I don't believe I have anything of interest to be worried about.
But I feel that what the USA government is now doing -- to be way out of line from what the "founding fathers" of the republic intended - even keeping the differences in current times in the equation.
I agree with this reporter's take on the speech: STATE OF THE UNION 2014 -- Good Speech, Modest Agenda, Diminished Leader -- Americans may have already tuned out Barack Obama.
.... Another cold, hard fact: Obama may not have the skill, the will, or the time to do much about it.
The rest of the folks in Washington are also in my opinion not one bit connected to the wants and will of the population. With their "special interests" they are all far too busy filling their pockets with our GOLD.
And finally on my "soap box" tonight - I say "SHAME ON" all you "others" just sitting on the sidelines and accepting all this second rate government.

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